Our technology at the service of your business

IT services of the highest quality using state-of-the-art technological solutions.

Vola’s own SMS Gateway architecture provides direct connection and interconnection with Italian mobile service providers and the use of dedicated and fault-tolerant hardware and software infrastructure for the provision of services (as regards both the delivery of SMS’s and for the IT infrastructure and software development) at the highest levels of quality possible using state-of-the-art technological solutions.

The network infrastructure used and owned by Welcome Italia (parent company of Vola) is based on latest- generation (NGN) infrastructure and forms the backbone of all the services offered and operated by Vola, allowing us to deliver IT and telecommunications services with the highest possible levels of reliability and security. Direct connection to the interchange hubs (MIX in Milan, NaMeX in Rome and TIX in Florence) ensures very high-speed connections to the Big Internet.

All Vola’s technological infrastructure is housed inside the Data Center telecomms service provider Welcome Italia. The geographic redundancy offered by the two Data Centers of Welcome Italia located in Lucca and Pisa ensures service continuity in the vent of critical situations (disaster recovery).

Main features of the Data Centers in which the Vola services are hosted:

  • Electrical continuity is ensured by 220V UPS with redundant static switches, 48V energy stations and diesel generator sets with redundant automatic switching.
  • The buildings were constructed to anti-flooding and anti-seismic standards able to withstand floods and earthquakes of high magnitude.
  • Redundant air conditioning systems allow for keeping the temperature and humidity within a predefined range of values and supervised by monitoring systems. Inert-gas fire-suppression systems are connected to smoke detectors in the ceilings and under the suspended floors.
  • The facilities are protected by perimeter alarm and video monitoring systems connected remotely to local security companies.
    Data Center access is allowed to authorized personnel only by means of biometric readers.
  • All the hardware, software and network infrastructure is redundant and monitored 24/7 through the Nagios monitoring and alerting system (Nagios is the open source gold standard for IT infrastructure monitoring).