Create your Landing Page: it’s free!

Improve the communication of your business: thanks to the Landing Page service you can create responsive web pages that can be included in the SMS campaigns with a link.

No technical knowledge is required: thanks to the easy and intuitive editor you can enrich your messages with call to action buttons, images, maps, and more!

Main features of the Landing Page service:


Creating a Landing Page is really simple with our editor: you don’t need specific skills, just choose the template that best suits your needs and customize it with colors, images and texts. In two steps you can create your web page and the link that can be included into the text of the SMS campaign.


Vola offers ready-to-use templates, each one with different features based on the message you want to communicate to your customers: you can promote a particular product or service with the Landing Page “Product”, by choosing the template “Map” you can enter the exact location of your business, while with the Landing Page “Shop” you can create a purchase page and sell your products online.


You can include “call to action” buttons to invite users to take a specific action, such as buying a product, viewing a place on a map or redirecting to your website, calling your phone number or sending a mail: so many options with one click.


All templates are responsive and optimized for any mobile device: this allows customers to visualize your messages properly from any device.


For each campaign sent out it will be possible to view and analyze the sending reports and statistics. You can check the success of your SMS campaign, displaying data on openings, clicks and much more.


The Landing Page is included in the SMS rates: there are no additional costs to the SMS package purchased. You can create your Landing Pages for free and promote them in your SMS campaigns with just one click.