Simple integration with Vola SDK and SMS APIs

Thanks to the Vola SDK and SMS APIs you can easily integrate our SMS services free of charge to your site or within your software.

You can access the Vola Gateway through one of the following solutions:

SMS Gateway API

SMPP Protocol

SDK for Development

SMS Gateway API

VolaSMS PLUS HTTP Protocol 3.0 offers the ability to access the main features of the Vola Gateway through the HTTP/HTTPS protocol.
The main features are:

  • Optimized functionality for sending multiple messages within the request
  • Authentication of a mobile number as the sender
  • Sending abroad
  • Request for confirmation of receipt

Download the documentation for the HTTP Gateway VolaSMS Plus protocol


Protocollo SMPP

You can access the Vola Gateway using the SMPP standard protocol ver. 3.4 using a Vola account and a dedicated account to logon to the SMPP server, as specified in the document below.
After registering directly on the Vola site, you need to contact technical support at supporto@vola.it in order to obtain the dedicated SMPP account.


SDK for Development

This is a completely free development suite to create applications that require sending or receiving SMS’s.
The main features are:

  • Optimized sending of SMS-MT (Mobile Terminated) in Italy and to foreign countries
  • Ability to receive SMS-MO (Mobile Originated)
  • Ability to request notification status for delivery of SMS to recipient’s mobile phone

The Vola SDK family of development tools includes a set of .NET classes (to be included in your own .NET applications), a Delphi component (for use in the Borland Delphi environment), a Java class (for use on Mac, Linux, Unix in general and Windows platforms).

Free download of the tools that Vola makes available!

Download the Vola SDK development tools

VolaSMS Plus .NET Classes 1.0.1 Open Source (LGPL license)
Set of classes with relevant source code to be included in your .NET applications, to include the functionality of sending and receiving SMS messages via the Vola Gateway. The source code of the C# and VB classes is released under LGPL license.


 Programming manual for VolaSMS Plus.Net

   VolaSMS Java Class 3.0.3

Library for projects created on any platform with runtime Java (Mac, Linux, Unix and Windows) to be included in your applications, to include the functionality to send and receive SMS messages via the Vola Gateway. Implements all the methods displayed by the VolaSMS PLUS HTTP Protocol 3.0.

   Vola Delphi Component 1.0.0

This is a component for developing applications in the Borland Delphi environment for sending and receiving messages through the Vola Gateway. You can also download the source class.
Request the Indy library.


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