Mobile Marketing with Vola SMS

Fire up your Mobile Marketing campaign with Vola’s SMS service and reach your target!

Whatever your business, SMS’s can help you retain your existing customers with targeted, timely and discreet communications, or reach potential new customers with instant, effective and good value messages.

How can the SMS be used?


Promotion of products, special offers and vouchers, with the aim of boosting sales, retaining existing customers or recontacting past customers who have been lost.

  • New product or service launch
  • Notice of promotions or beginning of sale
  • Events promotion
  • Links to site content (websites, electronic flyers, social media pages)


Broadcast service and content information simultaneously to multiple recipients, such as appointment reminders, indicating the availability of a product, etc.

  • Confirmation/reminder of an appointment or visit
  • Deadline reminder
  • Indicating the availability of a product
  • Update on delivery status of an order


SMS notification of the status of a procedure, alarms or warnings, confirmation of payments or transactions, etc.

  • Sending password
  • Sending alerts and warnings
  • Confirmation of payments
  • Notifications of credit card and bank account transactions online

Sending SMS’s from the web

With a web-based platform, you can quickly and easily send text messages to hundreds of thousands of recipients at the same time. You do not need to download or install anything (it works with a standard internet browser), nor are spcial technical skills required: the intuitive interface lets you manage sending SMS’s in a completely autonomous manner.

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Via the Vola SMS gateway you can also receive SMS’s either through the Vola web platform or with the tools offered by the Vola SDK development kit. In this way you can receive SMS’s within your own website and so handle information provided directly by customers. We offer various reception solutions, with different characteristics depending on the number of SMS’s to be received.

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Do you need to develop an application or a website with the ability to send SMS’s? We provide developers and webmasters with the SMS APIs, simple and immediate, which allow you to call our SMS Gateway from your server, application or website. Our SDK is completely free and comes with a range of tools with many features.

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Our partnership offerings are designed to make your big ideas come alive!
With the Vola Reseller program you can resell the SMS sending service quite independently, thus increasing the added value of your offering in a simple manner, providing an innovative service to your customers.

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