Pay attention to numbers and you improve results

In the statistics section you can find reports and graphs to monitor and analyze in real time the progress of each advertising campaign.

For each individual send you can display as a graph or as a table:

  • The emails sent (delivered and returned)
  • The emails opened (from email client or from the browser)
  • The emails not sent (because duplicate or filtered by the previous send)
  • Contact management in Greylists and Blacklists
  • The emails returned (i.e. emails that could not be delivered and the reason why it was not possible to deliver them)
  • Details of the contacts that have unsubscribed
  • Links that have been clicked (and detail on the distinct clicks and the average clicks per user) with the relevant map
  • Statistics on the applications used by the recipients, such as operating systems used, application type, etc.

All reports are exportable and printable.