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Manage your contacts by creating profiled lists

Through the Vola email platform you can manage your contacts, creating profiled lists via a simple, fast procedure.

Key features of lists:


The list is the tool that allows you to manage your email campaigns. Through the creation of lists you can enter the various contacts to send your campaigns to. Each contact can be inserted into one or more lists. The list also allows you to configure some basic settings such as the name and email address of the sender that will appear in the recipients’ email clients.


Ability to import contacts from .csv , .xls or .txt file or entering them individually through an easy and intuitive web interface. When importing, the system recognizes duplicate contacts, allowing you to choose whether to import the duplicate or update the existing contact. In addition, all contacts in the lists can be exported to a file for synchronization with other systems if required.


Easy management of all information on contacts thanks to 12 predefined personal fields plus others customizable if desired.
For each contact you can search, edit, or delete using the appropriate commands.


For each list you can create an unlimited number of groups to make sends even more targeted towards a particular set of recipients. For each contact you can search, edit or delete using the appropriate commands.


Ability to create the sender of your campaigns, giving each email address used for the send a custom name.


We have always guaranteed our customers maximum security in the handling of data. All your data and that in the contacts lists is processed in full compliance with applicable privacy legislation. Your data will never be used by Vola or transferred to third parties.