Create your newsletters in just a few easy steps

With the Vola email service you can create, send and track email campaigns in a fast, easy, custom manner!

Why use Emails?


Email marketing does not require special technical knowledge, especially if, to create your email campaigns, you rely on professional platforms such as Vola’s that handle the more complex technical aspects.
Just follow a few simple tips to create successful email campaigns.


Email marketing allows you to target your message, directing it only to those who are potentially or really interested in your product.
Thanks to an accurate segmentation you can achieve better results and optimize resources.


Each email campaign can be tracked and measured thanks to the reports and statistics included.
It is therefore possible to know almost in real time who has interacted with the email campaign: openings, unsubscriptions, clicking on links in the message and much more.

Main features of the Vola Email platform:

Import or create your lists

Through the Vola platform you can manage your contacts quickly and with no usage limit. You can create as many lists of addresses as you want, importing contacts from file or entering them individually, create groups, profile your contacts and search using the appropriate filters.

Contacts and Lists

Your campaign in 4 steps

Creating an email campaign has never been easier. By following 4 simple steps you can generate your email campaign, composing both graphic and text newsletters with the ability to insert images, links and attachments. You can also decide whether to send immediately or schedule sending on a particular date and time.


Email templates ready for use

Vola offers many templates ready to be used or modified according to requirements. It is also possible to create custom templates or upload an HTML file created externally. All models on the platform are optimized and responsive, automatically adapting to the device (be it a fixed PC or a mobile device) with which the recipient will see your email.



Through the Vola platform your email campaigns are sent quickly and securely thanks to the constant monitoring of our anti-spam systems and to the continuous check on the proper operation of the service, to ensure maximum quality and efficiency always.


Sending reports and statistics

For each campaign sent out it will be possible to view and analyze the sending reports and statistics in both analytical and graphical formats, and to export the results. You can then monitor in real time the success of your email campaign, displaying data on openings, clicks and much more.