SMS packages for every business requirement

With the Vola SMS’s there is no time-based fee nor fixed costs, you only pay for the SMS package that you choose to buy

As a leading company in this industry, we have always believed in the potential of the SMS as an effective and economical marketing tool to promote products and services and maintain contact with customers. The success of the numerous SMS marketing campaigns that our customers manage every day confirms the great communications potential of SMS’s and the reliability of our services.

SMS Gold

SMS Gold is the most efficient and secure way to send SMS’s because it only uses direct connections with the national mobile phone service providers that ensure delivery of the message within a few seconds

With SMS Gold you can:

  • Customize the SMS message sender field in alphanumeric format (as required by Resolution 42/13/CIR of AGCOM [Italian Communications Regulatory Authority])
  • Know the notification status for each SMS sent with an indication of the time at which the message was received by the recipient on their mobile phone (SMS Gold +)
  • Send SMS’s to many countries in the world (SMS Gold World)

Custom quote

Ask for a custom quote to purchase SMS packages of higher quality than those shown in the price list, write to supporto@vola.it

All prices exclude VAT

SMS Gold Price List

SMS packages Price per SMS Price
200 €0,0830 €16,60 + VAT
500 €0,0790 €39,50 + VAT
1000 €0,0750 €75,00 + VAT
2000 €0,0730 €146,00 + VAT
5000 €0,0690 €345,00 + VAT
10000 €0,0640 €640,00 + VAT
20000 €0,0590 €1180,00 + VAT


SMS Silver

The value for money solution using connections with various mobile service providers both domestic and foreign for SMS delivery.

The SMS Silver option does not include:

  • Customizing the sender
  • Sending SMS’s to countries other than Italy
  • The ability to receive notification status

The delivery times of SMS messages and the level of service of this option (including the delivery of messages) are deemed “Best Effort”.

All prices exclude VAT

SMS Silver Price List

SMS packages Price per SMS Price



The easiest and cheapest way to receive hundreds or thousands of SMS’s.

By purchasing a reception key, for a shared number, you can receive SMS’s on your PC within an application or directly to your email inbox or your website.

  • Cost: 5,00 euro al mese + IVA (60,00 euro + IVA all'anno)
  • Valid for one year

The SMS messages can be received directly to the Vola web platform customer area or, via the API and the VolaSDK development kit, they can be processed by an application developed by the user.
To receive the SMS messages, they must be sent to the Vola gateway number (+39 320 2043252). Remember that the message text addressed to you must be preceded by your personal reception key and a space. For example, if your reception key is PIPPO, messages must be sent to the number +39 320 2043252 with text such as “PIPPO message text……”, i.e. <key> <space> “message text”.



(notification of reception)

How to enable it

In the customer area, SMS section – “Settings” menu, you have the option to enable notification.

Cost SMS Gold+

The notification option can be enabled whenever you want and costs only 0.25 Gold credits, to be added to the cost of each SMS according to the Gold SMS credits package purchased.

How to view notifications

You can view notifications of receipt in the customer area, SMS section, under the item “traffic detail”. In addition to the information about each SMS sent, it also shows information on the notification of receipt.

Which notification states can be obtained?

You can obtain the status of actual reception on the recipient’s terminal, and also the status of failure to receive because the terminal is outside the GSM network coverage area or switched off, or if the terminal is configured to block the incoming flow of data and/or voice traffic. The table below summarizes the available notification states:

Status code Reason code Description
1 000 The SMS has reached the Vola PLUS gateway and is being forwarded to the service provider’s SMSC.
2 000 The SMS has reached the service provider’s SMSC. The time stamp is that provided by the service provider. The message is about to be forwarded to the GSM network by the service provider. Waiting to receive the notification status from the service provider on the outcome of the send.
3 000 The SMS has been delivered to the terminal of the recipient. The time stamp is that provided by the service provider.
4 000 SMS undelivered. The recipient’s number is unknown by the service provider.
4 103 SMS undelivered. The recipient’s number is blocked by the service provider.
4 108-101 SMS not delivered by the service provider after the scheduled period of attempts (max 48 hours), delivery impossible. For example because the recipient’s terminal has been switched off or is out of coverage of the GSM network for more than 48 hours. The time may vary according to specific settings of the service provider charged with delivering the message.
4 11 SMS undelivered. The recipient’s terminal is configured to block the incoming voice and/or data flow.
4 120 SMS undelivered. It was not possible to deliver the message to the recipient’s mobile phone due to an error on the mobile network of the service provider or to SIM memory being full.
4 123 SMS undelivered. SMS not delivered due to a connection problem with the service provider. The Vola Gateway will make a new delivery attempt within 15 minutes.


(sending SMS’s to foreign countries)

How to enable it

In the customer area, SMS section – “Settings” menu, you have the option to enable sending to foreign countries.

Cost SMS Gold World

Sending SMS’s to foreign mobile numbers costs 2 SMS Gold credits.

What countries it is active in

Thanks to Vola SMS Gold World you can send SMS’s all over the world to most of the world’s mobile service providers.
For a precise check and particular requirement, write to supporto@vola.it