Custom solutions with the Vola Email offering

With Vola’s Email solutions you have maximum flexibility in purchasing

Compare the features and choose the plan that’s right for you. With Vola you have the possibility to choose between different purchase options, all modular according to your needs. We guarantee maximum transparency in prices, and we provide our customers with a starter account, free and without expiry!

Free Plan

Free Email, forever! Includes all the features of paid versions with some limitations:

  • Send up to 3,000 emails a day and 15,000 emails a month
  • 1 list containing up to a maximum of 3,000 contacts
  • 3 custom fields for each contact
  • 1 e-mail sender
  • 10 custom templates
  • Full reporting up to a month from the sending of the campaign
  • Never Expires.



Email subscriptions

With the subscription solution you can send all the emails you want with no limits to all your contacts with no monthly send constraints or limitations.

  • The cost of the subscription is flexible, it just depends on how fast you want your email campaigns to be delivered to all the recipients.
  • No time limit, you can purchase 3, 6 or 12 months and when your subscription expires, you can choose with complete confidence whether to renew the service or not.

Choose the type of subscription that is right for you. Enter in the space below the number of recipients you want to send your email campaigns to and choose from the different solutions on offer the one most suited to your needs.

How many contacts do you want to achieve?         Do you want to include attachments in your email?    yes   

Here are some examples with the number of contacts you have indicated

You can choose the delivery time

By how many hours do you want to send?    

To purchase subscriptions Email higher than those reported, request a custom quote  Click here

All subscription include:

  • Guaranteed speed
  • No limit on sends
  • Support by email
  • Customizable and optimized templates
  • 20MB of space for your images and attachments
  • Web Analytics tracking
  • Detailed statistics
  • Maximum deliverability

Email Packages

By choosing the package solution, you are given a set number of emails*, the cost of which will be deducted from your credit according to the number of recipients to which you send your campaigns.

The email packages are the ideal solution for those who need to make spot advertising mailings or in any case, not on a frequent basis.

With the package solution the send speed is shared with all customers using this solution and it is therefore not possible to determine a precise time for sending the email campaigns.

Discover the package that best suits your needs!

*Maximum weight 0,675 Megabyte [The maximum size is given by the sum of the email and by embedded images and attachments.]

All list prices exclude VAT.

Email packages price list

Email Packages Price
10.000 €59,00 + VAT
25.000 €99,00 + VAT
50.000 €199,00 + VAT
100.000 €299,00 + VAT


Optional services

Increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns by adding our optional services!

Vola provides a team of experts to optimize your email communications. According to your needs, you can choose from optional services designed to facilitate the creation and sending of email campaigns with custom optimized graphic templates to be displayed on each device.

All list prices exclude VAT.

Optional services price list

Optional services Price
My Template Basic €179,00 + VAT
My Template Advanced €329,00 + VAT
No Logo 6 mesi €99,00 + VAT
No Logo 12 mesi €169,00 + VAT
Statistiche 12 mesi €299,00 + VAT



My Template Basic: we import your contact list and customize one of the free templates available with the logo and your corporate colors.

Click below to see what the service includes


Importing a list of contacts that you provide in an excel file
You can choose one of the templates (basic or advanced) on the platform that will be customized with your corporate colors
Insertion of a company logo provided by you in the format requested
Uploading images that you provide in the dimensions and position of the original template
Deletion/addition of Social Media icons
Uploading onto the platform, in the “Your templates” section


Changes to the structure of the template chosen
Changes to the customized font type and/or font style
Insertion, transcribing and translation of texts
Supply of images from photo shoots or bought from online commercial galleries
If you choose a basic template, remember that these are not responsive and cannot be edited


My Template Advanced: the complete package that allows importing your list and creating a customized template in html.

Click below to see what the service includes


Importing a contact list you provide in an excel file
You can choose one of the templates (advanced) on the platform that will be customized according to your needs (corporate colors, changing the structure, arrangement and number of photos to be inserted)
Insertion of company logo provided by you in the format requested
Uploading images you provide (the images will be optimized for the web, i.e. they will be converted to a resolution suitable for the web)
Inserting texts provided by you
Changing the font as regards size and color
Deleting/adding Social Media icons
Uploading to the platform, in the section “Your templates”


Transcribing and translating texts
Supply of images from photo shoots or bought from online commercial galleries


With this option you can remove the Vola logo automatically inserted at the bottom of each email message, and freely edit the page footer.


With this option, the data on individual users who have opened email messages or clicked on a link is stored for 12 months, compared with 90 days’ storage in the standard version. The aggregated data is stored permanently.