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With Vola, your business takes off!

Vola is a company specialized in offering professional SMS and email services, software development and systems integration, on the market since the year 2000.

As market leader in this industry, we have always believed in the potential of the SMS as an effective marketing tool to promote products and services and keep contacts with customers alive. Very day, the success of the numerous SMS marketing campaigns that our customers manage confirms to us the great communications potential of SMS’s and the reliability of our services.

For over 16 years Vola has also provided majr companies nationwide with software development and systems integration projects, using all their skills in the web and mobile sector.

Close to our customers, always

Our history

Vola was founded in March 2000, one of the first companies in Italy to provide SMS services via the internet.
Right from the start Vola, thanks to its skills and professionalism, has been the ideal partner for mobile and web projects and services.

In 2006 Vola joined the Welcome Italia Group (Italian fixed-line service provider) thus being able to directly exploit the infrastructure of a nationwide telecommunications service provider.

Vola is not just SMS’s and email

We also offer professional services in the fields of consulting, systems integration, software development, implementation and outsourced management through our own infrastructure of websites and web portals, with a particular focus on the mobile sector.


We guarantee high quality SMS and Email services with SMS delivery within a few seconds of sending, using only (for Gold-type SMS’s) direct connections with national mobile phone service providers. Our services are all managed using our own Hardware and Software infrastructure, dedicated and fault-tolerant to the highest levels of quality possible using state-of-the-art technology solutions. Our SMS Gateway can send millions of SMS’s a day.


The network infrastructure used and owned by Welcome Italia (parent company of Vola) is based on latest- generation (NGN) infrastructure and forms the backbone of all the services offered and operated by Vola, allowing us to deliver IT and telecommunications services with the highest possible levels of reliability and security. Direct connection to the interchange hubs (MIX in Milan, NaMeX in Rome and TIX in Florence) ensures very high-speed connections to the Big Internet.