SMS and Email are widespread means of communication and usable by everyone, and they put the message right into the hands of the target. Our mission is to make secure and easy-to-use services available to our customers.

Who are the services targeted at?


SMS Marketing and Email Marketing can adapt to the size of each company as messages can be sent to hundreds of thousands of contacts simultaneously, quickly and cost effectively.


Vola SMS packages can be resold by marketing agencies or developers of software applications where SMS sending has been added. Vola offers the ability to independently create and manage sub-accounts to be assigned to customers, to whom SMS packages can then be resold.

Public bodies and Associations

Public bodies and Associations can use SMS’s and Emails to communicate information in timely and comprehensive fashion, manage their activities, advertise events, convene meetings etc.


A programmer or a software house can add value to their applications by quickly inserting into them the ability to communicate with all customers through a simple and effective tool such as SMS.

Independent professionals

With SMS Marketing and Email Marketing they can reach their customers in a fast and personal manner without intermediaries, send deadline or appointment reminders, arrange the daily workload, optimize their schedule, etc.

Media Agency

Thanks to the Vola web platform, media agencies can easily create and manage endless SMS and email campaigns for their customers, taking full advantage of the potential these two channels offer.


The most efficient and secure way to send SMS’s:
• direct connections with national mobile service providers
• delivery of the message in a few seconds in Italy and the world
• customizable alphanumeric sender
• notification of reception


The value for money solution for sending your SMS’s.
The service does not include:
• customized sender
• notification of reception
• sending to foreign numbers
Delivery times for SMS messages and the level of service for this option are “Best Effort”.


With Vola Direct Email Marketing you can send thousands, even millions of emails to your customers and monitor the results through detailed reports.
Vola Email is the flexible solution to meet your needs, start with the Free plan or purchase Email packages or subscriptions with 3 month’s validity and upwards.

Try our SMS services

With the high-quality SMS Gold service we guarantee SMS delivery within a few seconds of sending, using only direct connections with national mobile phone service providers. Our SMS services are operated and guaranteed using a Hardware and Software infrastructure owned, dedicated and redundant to the highest level of quality possible and using state-of-the-art technology solutions. Our SMS Gateway, active since 2000 and one of the premier professional services in Italy for sending SMS’s, can send millions of SMS’s a day.

Free trial

Vola is not just SMS’s

Since the beginning of its operation, thanks to the know-how and the skills of its human resources, Vola has also offered professional services to companies in the areas of consulting, systems integration, software development, implementation and management via outsourcing through its infrastructure of projects and web portals, with a particular focus on the mobile sector. Recently Vola has expanded the functionality of its messaging platform, offering in addition to SMS’s the Email Marketing service. Always at the cutting edge of new technologies, Vola will soon make available to its customers new and effective communications channels in line with market trends.

Some numbers

69% of Italians believe that a newsletter is one of the most effective tools for keeping in touch with a brand.

85% of Italian users subscribe to at least one newsletter.

88% of consumers favor receiving promotions and vouchers via SMS or EMAIL on their smartphone.

85% of Italians make use of a mobile phone.

87% of SMS’s are read within 15 minutes of reception.

90% of those who own a mobile phone use SMS’.